Glen Park Hip Oasis


After purchasing this Glen Park home, our clients asked us for help infusing warmth and personality into the recently-updated, modern interior. We worked with them to create an inviting space with a communal feel where they could get lost in conversation with good friends or relax while listening to their record collection. It was important to our clients that their home feel inspired by nature, so we leaned heavily on a jewel-toned palette, layered with shades of grey and a range of wood finishes. 

In the living room, the richly-hued topaz sofa anchors the room below artwork with a repeating bird motif. Upholstery, soft goods, and cabinetry in the nearby kitchen and family room draw on shades of grey and violet found in the mountainscape depicted on the wallpaper used in the room. Throughout the home, the couple’s budding art collection adds intricacy and interest.

Photographer: Sarah Hebenstreit