Cozy Modern Dolores Heights


When our clients moved into their new Dolores Heights home, they approached us for help balancing the clean, minimalist architecture with their love of color and pattern. At RBD, our favorite projects always seek to strike this kind of balance, offsetting modern features with inviting, unexpected elements like bright colors, cozy textures, or vintage accents.

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Often we like to design around focal points, and the layout of this space presented the opportunity to do that in a really powerful way. One of the most intriguing moments in the home is in the dining area, where richly-textured, gold-veined green wallpaper creates a dramatic backdrop for warm-wood furnishings, and helps to soften the hard lines of the floor-to-ceiling windows and black metal door frames. 

In the living area we were able to maximize the available space by adding a custom built-in bar under the staircase, as well as a wall-mounted walnut credenza with shelving to house meaningful collectables. These additions not only bring functionality and storage to the room, but the range of wood tones adds a natural, textured, warmth to the pre-existing architecture.

Photographer: Suzanna Scott Photography