Casual Hip Marin County

rbdmarin021 DINING BOOKCASE.jpg

With their second child on the way, our clients moved from San Francisco to this casual retreat in the redwoods of Marin county. Their vision for the space?  An effortless blend of cool and kid-friendly with plenty of nods to their new surroundings. With client interests that range from surfing to photography, we had plenty to draw on when choosing fun accents to add a final layer of personality to the home’s interior.

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In the living room, a hip, low-slung sofa is chic yet spill-proof with it’s rugged leather upholstery, while nearby, the family room’s leather poufs and an ultra-soft rug make for comfortable lounge time with the kids. In the backyard, an outdoor dining table and bohemian, hanging lounge chairs make it easy for mom and dad to relax while the kids play on the lawn.

Drawing on the natural surroundings, we sought to weave in wood finishes throughout the project. Cedar cladding on the home’s exterior brings a warm yet modern feel to the angular architecture, while inside, a stunning, live-edge table grounds the dining space. When it came time to select artwork and accessories, our client’s hobbies served as a jumping off point. A personal camera collection fills the nook above the bar, while a pair of wall-mounted vintage surfboards completes the living room. In an oblong kitchen alcove, a custom neon sign spells out the well-known mantra of daring surfers the world over: “Eddie would go.” 

Contractor: Tamalpais Construction, Photographer: Sarah Hebenstreit