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Regan Baker - Principal

is always designing, looking for great art or perusing antique stores. She also loves coffee + pie.

Regan Baker leads Regan Baker Design with 17 years of experience in Interior Architecture and Design. Her firm belief that design should be comfortable, modern yet personal, is a motto she strives to achieve in every project. Having spent the first 7 years of her career working for great firms such as Gettys and Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, she began understanding her unique style and skill set was applicable on a broader and more personal scale.

As a fashion forward and design savvy mother, she understands that personal style and life-style function are equally important features of a home, and an extension of who you are as an individual or family.  She believes that natural elements, such as wood and jute, help bring warmth to any room, while subtle color and pattern are ways to bring in a client's personality or family brand.

When not designing, you can find Regan at the park or beach with her family and friends. After becoming a mother of twins over eight years ago, her life has taken on a new priority: to inspire and teach them that you can do what you love and to go after a passion in life. She laughs often, becomes friends with all her clients, and has a goal in life to be a nice person.

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is keeping you on budget and on task. 

Ali joins the team as a business strategist and project manager to complement the design team's creativity. She understands that the interior design process is as much about organization and a client's delightful experience as it is about design. She brings 10+ years of working in technology at Facebook and Google to Regan Baker Design. Inspired by the work of RBD on her own home in San Francisco, and by the friendship she developed with Regan she grew excited about the idea of applying her extensive customer service, team building, program management and marketing experience to an entirely different industry. At RBD she feels reconnected to her days of working at her Grandpa's hardware store growing up. In her spare time you can find Ali hanging out with her husband and 2 year old son.



is the definition of right-brained and left-brained. 

For Amy there is nothing better than seeing an idea in her head become a reality. With over 10+ years of experience in the industry she joins RBD from New York based Fox-Nahem Associates and DC's Marlies Venute Interiors. When forced to choose between her favorite items to source (lighting, tile, furniture and more) she says she can't decide because she loves them all! You know that Amy is brave as she decided to travel to China during Y2K, but for now she is staying close to home to explore the Bay Area.


eric hardrath - SENIOR designer

is a millwork expert and a bike-racing enthusiast.

Eric joins RBD with over 12 years of experience in Interior Architecture. He started his career at a young age working for his family's residential carpentry and remodeling business  in Milwaukee. He also gained experience in Hospitality and Retail design at Celek Interiors. With a love for vintage, technology and antiques Eric describes his style as a combination of modern with a nod to historical reference and craft. On the weekends you can find Eric cooking up a feast of secret food recipes including but not limited to butter biscuts! This of course comes after a long bike ride with family or friends. 


Melissa kiesel - designer

is space planning and balancing creativity with thoughtful design.

Melissa joins RBD from DMARCstudio where she worked on a wide variety of residential, educational and restaurant projects in her role as architectural designer. Prior to that she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study Design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Born and raised in Burgthann Germany she has traveled extensively and considers travel a vital part of growth as a designer. She derives her inspiration from nature and architecture, and appreciates a fine piece of furniture, after spending years at Studio Becker. On the weekends you can find Melissa climbing or exploring nature throughout the Bay Area. 


lexy perkins - designer

loves throw pillows. And the "aha" moments when a design is perfect and meant to be.

After graduating Cum Laude with a BA in Design from Cal State - Long Beach, Lexy started her career as an Office Assistant at Bassman Blaine.  From there she served as a Designer at Urban Chalet working on boutique medical and tech offices. With an itch to focus on residential design, Lexy brings her attention to detail and efficient work style to RBD. She's always loved the notion that designers are the balance of artists and engineers. Artists develop work that is driven by aesthetic and emotion, while engineers develop final products that are driven purely by function; and as a designer she finds a way to marry the two to create spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful in their function. On the weekends you may find Lexy in search of a cute coffee shop or making and framing her own artwork!

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loves mixing the old with the new.

Christina brings her architectural design experience to RBD, where she loves to find solutions for an efficient space plan and explore the infinite possibilities of tile in a space. Christina was destined to be a designer, because she grew up watching her father, a contractor, build her childhood homes in both California and in the Azores Islands of Portugal. From an early age, she understood the hard work and value of creating a home that is personal and special. When designing a space, Christina enjoys mixing and matching different styles and genres. She is currently preserving a historic, storybook chalet style house in Oakland, which she is happy to call home. 

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is making sure it all adds up.

Ann joined the RBD team as Regan's first hire in 2012. She takes care of the day to day accounting needs of the firm and keeps the team in line by collecting a receipt for every purchase made... ever!  In her spare time Ann loves to volunteer. Originally from Ireland, one of her main causes is working with the Irish Immigration Pastoral Center in San Francisco. She has also completed the Best Buddies Challenge three times, which supports the movement for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A fun fact is that in 2015 she was able to witness her younger sister win the silver medal for Ireland at the Special Olympics!


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