{The Latest} | hair-do trend

Hi!! I've been crazy busy with work, features, and now toddler bed training. Needless to say, it's been a bit CRAZY at the Baker household, but that's normal for us. :]

So yesterday I tried my hand at the latest hair-do trend: The high bun/top knot. Lack of sleep = no washing hair. ;) Thanks to ALT, I was super inspired to try a new do!

high bun post4.jpg

The girls above sported high buns at Alt and pulled it off oh so well. And that's me at the bottom right. What do you think? I kinda look like an old lady, but it's growing on me. My friend Sandy, called me Audrey. She loved it, or maybe it was my outfit she loved. ;)

equestrian Girl with horse.jpg
equestrian man jumping.jpg

I'm in Virginia today for an exterior rebrand project. I've always wanted to head to Virginia, it's horse country here! I hope to spot some fancy riding outfits and white picket fences. I always find my childhood equestrian days influential in so many ways, be it fashion or interiors. I mean, who doesn't want to be influenced by this style? ;) It's classic. No wonder I gravitate towards blacks, whites, blues, and greys. ;) 

Images: Moss + Issac, Hazle Wide Farm & Horse Country Chic.

Come back soon! More uber exciting stuff on the way!! 



{introducing} | urban matters : a design firm

Drum roll please!! I'm super excited about this introduction. Introducing....Urban Matters Design Lab! A design firm who defines themselves as creative change agents, dedicated to improving the social fabric of cities. WHAT THEY DO : empower communities. WHY THEY DO IT : to build communities.


Meet: Stephanie Houston. Smarty pants, graphic designer, and an uber talented, in-training architect (currently sitting for exams) with a passion in life: building communities. This introduction is special not only because she is my talented twin sister, but because since we were kids, she's aspired to making a change in our world, and she's doing it, in San Francisco. Founder and creative director of Urban Matters Design Lab and Nomad Gardens, Stephanie brings passion to an entirely new level. She truly is an inspiration. Those looking for a designer or looking to be a part Nomad Gardens via the garden, events, creatives or workshop, you should meet. I'm so proud of you sis. I knew you would do it some day. Here's to my biggest fan, dreaming big, and keeping passion alive. Keep rockin' it!

{Wii Art} | u draw trout


Trout, trout & more trout. One thing I've seen a lot of is trout. Not so much real trout, but drawings of trout. Having an artistic father who also is a professional and avid fly fisherman, fish "trout", is one of his favorite subjects. Of course, when Wii introduced it's partnership with Udraw, my father had to get the tablet. Viola! Wii Art. The trout above (of course) is his wii art version, and he drew it in about an hour. Talented? Yes...very. You should see his real art collection, and his fly tying abilities are phenomenal. I'll show them to you some day soon. 

The other three images are from artists who posted on Udraw's club website. Yes, you can be a part of the Udraw club! They even have contests! My prediction: Wii art on Etsy! I can't wait for Everett and Amelia to try it.

PS. I left late for work yesterday morning because Amelia managed to find a sharpie (aka: sharpies are the only pens in our house..designer thing) and created a beautiful painting on our kitchen floor...remember we are renting. I felt it a fitting blog post to introduce to all you parents out there, Wii's Udraw tablet. :]  

Thanks dad for sharing your art! I hope you don't mind that the world sees it! And yes, I did get the sharpie out. Rubbing alchohol and fingernail polish remover did the trick. ;]

Happy Tuesday!

{la petite magazine} | rbd helps style a modern kids photo shoot!

I hope you all are recovering from the overabundance of sweets consumed yesterday. My body is still asking me why I ate so much chocolate carmel. :] Speaking of sweets, I have some SWEET news. I'm super excited to announce I'm in La Petite MagazineSarah Wert of Modern Kids Photography asked that I help out with the day of styling for her La Petite Magazine shoot. The shoot actually took place in one of my client's home, which turned out to be a perfect setting.

Theme: feathers, tepees, and Indians, which happens to be the hottest trend right now. I loved the feather crowns, rustic yet playful. Sarah's images are featured on pages 59-70 of the magazine, and for all you DIYers out there, check out the headband tutorial from curlybirds.

Loving the grass headpiece? The straw head piece was made by yours truly. Hehe :] I'm sure the beautiful little girl had something to do with how well it turned out. Thanks Sarah for letting me be a part of such a fun day! You can check out more amazing photos on Sarah's blog; and if I haven't said it enough already, isn't Sarah AMAZING!?

Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!