{Holiday Parties} | now with kids

This month we are crazy busy with holiday parties, dinners, and birthday parties. Now with kids, getting to the party is a much harder endeavor. Shopping trips are limited to the neighborhood 24th Street (the girls know me by name at Ambiance), online (this option is usually out since I have waited until the last minute) and my closet. We don't have time to go anywhere else since we try to take advantage of the sitters on the day of the event. As you can imagine, cramming shopping, freshening up, dinner and taking care of two 15 month year olds, who might I add are into everything, lends itself to a very fun pre-party happy hour. Is it worth it, Jace and I ask ourselves? You betcha, especially if there is a photo booth involved!

Here's some funny photobooth images of our night out at Google's Holiday party last week. Such dorks, I know. I was so stoked to see there was a photo booth, and bonus AWESOME props. I absolutely LOVE photo booths. If Jace and I were to get married all over again, we would have a photo booth rather than a cake. 

Hope everyone is having a great week!

P.S. My friend's nursery pics are coming soon...stay tuned!