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Project Update time! So I'm off to a flying start in Austin, thanks to my wonderful friends who want to keep my business a float! ;) In hopes to get our little ole' renovation off the ground, and my kids into a great preschool, I decided to pursue part-time contract work to keep steady work coming in, while building up my residential business in Austin. Sandy, who I actually worked with at a firm 8 years ago here in Austin, has since gone on her own, and has asked that I help out on a somewhat regular basis. I was thrilled at the idea! A perfect segue to collaborative design, something I've actually wanted for some time now. I'm super thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Sandy again. What a great start to 2012. *If you are in need of a commercial interior designer, Sandy is your gal! She has recently been working with a lot of start-ups here in Austin, and having so much fun. 

FINAL Sparefoot-7.jpg
FINAL Sparefoot-11.jpg

Images by regan baker design | SpareFoot: a new start-up in Austin designed by S.Tipton Studio

I'm super excited to share some insight to the projects I'm currently working on: 

AUSTIN, TX | Owners of Studio Slomo and DeRouen & Co has enlisted the help of Regan Baker Design for some personal decor, organization and finish suggestions/selections for their uber, hip East Austin home. The radest and nicest couple in Austin, no doubt. Sarah and Deritt's style: playful, modern, industrial yet vintage. Both graphic/print designers, they undoubtedly have the largest collection of poster and print art. Most of their collection is designed by Deritt himself, but others are purchases of his and Sarah's top admirers. A coveted collection no doubt. I've got dibs on a few pieces if they ever decide to purge. ;)  

fashion to design_client shoe collection.jpg

Just by looking at Sarah's closet, I know this projects going to be a good one. Um, awesome, eh? Program requests: Ideas on how to tie in and dress up their laundry room, kitchen, backsplash tile, storage ideas, dining room chairs, and colorful paint or paper suggestions for the entire home. (Sarah likes fuchsia!!). Might I add, Sarah is the one responsible for my beautifully redesigned business cards.  

BLACKSBURG, VA | Iconic Development has once again asked for our help! This is the Virginia project that I just visited last week. An exterior rebrand for an 81 building complex near Virginia Tech. A repeat client of 6 years, I've worked on numerous branding projects to help revamp their student housing portfolio. This project, a beast of a complex, so hopefully we can come up with something new and fun. 

CHICAGO, IL | The project that I am most thrilled about is a complete gut renovation for a 4,000SF home in Chicago. I'm going to avoid saying too much, since closing date is this week. No jinxing!! Look at the beauty!! Can't WAIT to get started and share more on this project.

Traditional Chicago Home recieves modern interior makeover.jpg

AUSTIN, TX | Athena Montessori Academy is building two new classrooms! Thanks to Kelly Stevenson of Hatch + Ulland Owen Architects, for recommending me to Athena! One of my favorite things to do is select architectural finishes, which is why I was hired for this project. Coming in on a project during construction is always a bit more challenging, but what I enjoy most is collaborating with the architects. Making sure their vision is still carried out is most important, but making them look even better is what I enjoy the most. ;)

Athena Exterior Paint Scheme.jpg

Image: Rendering of new exterior paint scheme for Athena.

AUSTIN, TX | My home renovation!! Can't wait to start sharing my process.

And last but not least, I head to Hilton Head this month for a styling project that I've been hired contractually for by one of the companies I used to work for here in Austin. A true definition of why you should never burn any bridges. ;) The best part about this trip is I get to go with my great friend Ariel, who is responsible for the design of the project. I can't wait to share! I would LOVE any suggestions on places to shop in or near Hilton Head!!

Needless to say, it's been a busy start to the year. Can you believe it's March? I could not do what I do without the love, help and support of my parents and in-laws! Thanks Nana-K and Gigi!! Love you all.



PS... If you have a split second please VOTE FOR ME in the Cottonelle challange! I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Maxwell, founder of Apartment Therapy, while at Alt Design Summit. The interviews are up and if I win, I get to interview Jonathan Adler, a much admired designer of mine, in his New York studio! Yippie!! So please spread the word! I'd LOVE to go. ;) 

{The Latest} | hair-do trend

Hi!! I've been crazy busy with work, features, and now toddler bed training. Needless to say, it's been a bit CRAZY at the Baker household, but that's normal for us. :]

So yesterday I tried my hand at the latest hair-do trend: The high bun/top knot. Lack of sleep = no washing hair. ;) Thanks to ALT, I was super inspired to try a new do!

high bun post4.jpg

The girls above sported high buns at Alt and pulled it off oh so well. And that's me at the bottom right. What do you think? I kinda look like an old lady, but it's growing on me. My friend Sandy, called me Audrey. She loved it, or maybe it was my outfit she loved. ;)

equestrian Girl with horse.jpg
equestrian man jumping.jpg

I'm in Virginia today for an exterior rebrand project. I've always wanted to head to Virginia, it's horse country here! I hope to spot some fancy riding outfits and white picket fences. I always find my childhood equestrian days influential in so many ways, be it fashion or interiors. I mean, who doesn't want to be influenced by this style? ;) It's classic. No wonder I gravitate towards blacks, whites, blues, and greys. ;) 

Images: Moss + Issac, Hazle Wide Farm & Horse Country Chic.

Come back soon! More uber exciting stuff on the way!! 



{wowza wednesday} | 2011 Design SF

My first weekday away from work and kids was delightful! I headed over to the premier annual event at San Francisco's Design Center. I met new faces, old faces, and I was fortunate enough to meet a few very inspirational people. My day began with a ton of laughs listening to Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos from the Bravo TV series "Flipping Out". I LOVE this show! My first picture ever with a celebrity. As for content, I couldn't agree more with Sarah Lynch of California Home + Design's article describing the skepticism and interview. He truly was an inspiration. BTW...he has a new line of home goods out. Check it out here.

My next stop was the Robert Allen|Beacon Hill showroom to hear Christaine Lumiex's, founder of DwellStudio (my newest resource for fabrics and wallpaper), presentation on Building a Design Business in the Modern Landscape. Truly an inspirational woman and a wealth of knowledge. She cleared any dismay I had about my decision to stay home from this years Alt Summit. What a delightful and beautiful person. She's so fun, laid back, fashionable, passionate, and truly wants others to have the same success. My kind of lady. Christaine gave us a sneak peek into the DwellStudio furniture line which showcases DwellStudio's fabric line now exclusively available to the trade. I've included a couple fabrics I'm loving below.


And last, but definitely not least, while picking up fabric and wallpaper samples for a project at the Lee Jofa showroom, I was thrilled to introduce myself to Carrie Miller of Massucco Warner Miller. I featured the firm on my blog months ago, as my first choice of firms to work for if I ever was to head back to the corporate world. She was so sweet, and might I say, a stunningly beautiful lady. PS..they just started an a la carte offering as well as launched a pillow line! I'm in LOVE!

I'm feeling so inspired these days, thanks to all the blogs and tweets I follow. Who do you follow, what inspires you!? I'd love to hear! 

Headed to see my friend Crystal speak tomorrow AM at the Design Center and then off to Tahoe with the family and friends! Can't wait for Everett and Amelia to see their first snow! 

Back soon!!

{Do you Rue?} | Issue 3 is LIVE!

It's official, my new favorite and go to magazine is Rue! If you are at all interested in design, this months issue [Issue 3] is a must see. Way to go Crystal, can't wait until you are here in SF! The girl and her team are rockin it! I'm in LOVE with the shopping cart pages, which I've included a screen shot of below. All my favorite colors!

Also, if you haven't heard of 20x200, which most of you probably have by now, you should definitely check it out. A new go to art source for all my client projects. Jen Bekman, the founder of 20x200, is the guest curator for RUE's issue this month and has picked out some great colorful prints ready to make an impact on anyone's wall. I LOVE every single one of them.

If you want a cowboy themed kids room, head on over to Modern Kids Blog for some great inspiration and resources! And if you are in the mood to shop, check out EmersonMade, my newest and favorite clothing line for 2011!

Happy Friday everyone! Happy decorating or getting inspired to decorate weekend!

Fashion and Interiors

One of the things I enjoy most about starting a project is defining a person's style and taste. Some clients give me a look when I begin with "pick out a favorite outfit in your mind or wardrobe and describe it". Fashion is the gateway to Interior Design. It's what defines us and gives a glimpse to others of who we are as an individual. It's the first thing people see when they meet you and it definitely is a great starting point if you are having a hard time finding a style for your home. Check out the images from Anne Sage in her October post: Outfit to Room. Of course, if you know me, I LOVE anything Anthropology and they always do such a great job of incorporating the surroundings in the fashion photo shoots.