{ALT Summit} | a movie

I had to share this ALT video from Tiger in a Jar. What Alt Summit feels like! It gave me goose bumps...and yes, that's me in the video with my friend Diana of May, June and July posing with this season's winner of Project Runway, Anya Ayoung-Chee! Again, I can't say enough about @Altsummit. It's definitely opening up doors that I only dreamed about.

What Alt Summit feels like from ALT Summit on Vimeo

Things are really ramping up in Austin. I'm excited to share a new project, and I have more exciting news coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!!! 



{remembering sf} | victorian flat

I have been doing a lot of photo updates and ran across some images I took of our old place in SF, which I LOVED. It's fun looking back at how your furniture is rearranged in different places, and how your place transforms due to life's changes. Toy filled baskets, kid library, cluster of unreachable frames, the joy of parenthood. :) 

I've posted more photos in my portfolio section here. Of course, it was sad leaving behind the nursery, but it went to a good home of some soon to be parents. I hope everyone had a great weekend!



{malm fireplace} | in LOVE | SF remodel

I'm thrilled to anounce RBD was hired for a mid-century remodel here in the city. It's been a whirl wind of a project thus far, but also one of the most exciting projects I've worked on since I started my business 4 years ago. My client, also a mother, has just about the same style as me: Rustic, Modern and Retro. Cisco Brothers meets DWR meets Jonathon Adler and Robbert Abbey, which might be a tad bit why I'm so thrilled! We are currently working on all architectural finish selections, plumbing and lighting selections and layouts, island design and fireplace design for the home. I can't wait to show you progess! 

Images above courtesy of Heath Ceramics, Waterworks, Zinc Details & Elle Decoration South Africa

Above are inspirational images I've presented to help the client understand the overall vision RBD has for her home. I'm also collaborating with an amazing architect, Mason B. Miller. Check out his work. I'm sure you'll agree he's amazing! He's done a remarkable job on the design the home. Stay tuned for more progress images!

PS: I'm drooling, heart palpiting, over the Malm Zircon Fireplace pictured above. I just got confirmation my client wants pricing for installation! Yippee! Crossing fingers for a good bid! And the Henry pendant was just specified for over the island! 

Until next time...have a marvelous week!


{greypants} recycling architects | cardboard lights

I'm always excited when I find new products that are really inspiring. I couldn't NOT share this with you. It's too good not to! Introducing recycled cardboard lights. I'm in LOVE! Hum, what can I make with cardboard? These remind me of Frank Gehry's famous wiggle side chair. I think they are on to something. :) Great job Greypants! Looking forward to seeing more!

Greypants is a seattle based architecture firm that also makes sustainable products. To check out more about Greypants, go here. You must also check out this awesome video about their process. :) If you live in the bay area, you can see the lights in person at Starbelley Restaurant. Images above via the grog blog.

Thanks sis for sharing this link with me! I heart their name also!

Also, if you have a few minutes, check out my new portfolio pics! I'm super excited to finally add a few more projects. 

{designer crush] | ore studios

Designers are always on the lookout for inspiration, especially for their own home. One firm inspiring me these days is Ore Studios. I've included a few images from owner, Cara Scarola's home, which totally resonates with my personal style. I'm in LOVE with the painted cabinet and lacquered hardware. Such a great example of how to easily pull a scheme together. (Red flowers, red hardware, red pillow...the power of three!) Check out the cartoonish exclamation painted on the wall acting as the kids coat rack. LOVE IT!! You can view more images of Ore Studios portfolio here.

And last but not least, I'm always looking for new ideas on how to hang things. The enlarged photograph (top left photo) and desk/shelves (bottom middle photo) are hung via galvanized piping. Genius!? I'm not sure what it is, but I've always loved galvanized piping, ie: exposed fastening systems. Piping is such an inexpensive way to support things!

An INSPIRATIONAL FACT for all you design buddies wanting to start a business but feel you can't because you don't live in the same state: Cara and Andy went to graduate school together, went separate ways, found their way back to one another, and now work in separate states! It can be done friends, it can be done!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!