{Happy Valentines Day!} | crafty kids and LEGOS

Happy Valentines Day!! Here's a snap shot of the card the kids made for daddy. (Of course I helped) ;)

Vday Card 2012.jpg

I've been inspired lately by pixel art thanks to swiss miss for introducing me to ixxi! Can't WAIT to make my own customizable art. We actually hit the LEGO store this weekend, since my kids are really into them...oh and so is my husband. He apparently was really good at LEGOs in his younger years. Anywho, I ran across these little valentines day lego images and thought I would share! Hope your day is full of LOVE!

valentine 02.14.2012_lego.jpg

All images were found via google! BTW, don't you love their little video doodle today!

Come back tomorrow. I have some exciting news!!


{Wii Art} | u draw trout


Trout, trout & more trout. One thing I've seen a lot of is trout. Not so much real trout, but drawings of trout. Having an artistic father who also is a professional and avid fly fisherman, fish "trout", is one of his favorite subjects. Of course, when Wii introduced it's partnership with Udraw, my father had to get the tablet. Viola! Wii Art. The trout above (of course) is his wii art version, and he drew it in about an hour. Talented? Yes...very. You should see his real art collection, and his fly tying abilities are phenomenal. I'll show them to you some day soon. 

The other three images are from artists who posted on Udraw's club website. Yes, you can be a part of the Udraw club! They even have contests! My prediction: Wii art on Etsy! I can't wait for Everett and Amelia to try it.

PS. I left late for work yesterday morning because Amelia managed to find a sharpie (aka: sharpies are the only pens in our house..designer thing) and created a beautiful painting on our kitchen floor...remember we are renting. I felt it a fitting blog post to introduce to all you parents out there, Wii's Udraw tablet. :]  

Thanks dad for sharing your art! I hope you don't mind that the world sees it! And yes, I did get the sharpie out. Rubbing alchohol and fingernail polish remover did the trick. ;]

Happy Tuesday!