{Houzz} | Home Tour Feature

I'd like to thank my parents, sister and husband for... just kidding. ;) No really, it's not a huge deal, but kinda. ;) I'm jumping for joy over here! Super excited to be featured on HOUZZ today! Front page! If you haven't already seen it, you should check it out here. AND if you aren't scouring HOUZZ yet for interior or architecture design inspirations, well you should be. ;) It's a great place for resources and design ideas.

jump for joy.jpg

Photo via Pinterest via A Quirky Girl's Thoughts blog. Love anything Audrey H!

The project wouldn't have been so successful, had it not been for the uber talented Mason Miller and my design-savvy clients, Heather and Brad. Thanks again guys for such a fun project!

Told you I had some exciting news...and it doesn't stop here. Come back for more next week. Some more fun and exciting things are coming your way. :) 



{barn light electric) | blog feature 2

Another blog feature from Barn Light Electric! These peeps are rocking it! ;) Notice my photo is now part of their gallery image. Yippee!! I was first featured in November for another SF project. Very kind words from BLE. Thanks guys!! I love their lights. I will definitely be using the in our home renovation this year!

Image by Odessa

How is everyone? It's been pretty busy here in Austin. I had a few contractual gigs for a few design firms before the holidays, attended some fun company parties, and also prepared for our "Texas Tour" over Christmas, which included shipping presents to 3 different locations. Santa Claus was busy in Texas! :)

Also in the works, a new part-time job! (More on this later!!). It will be good to have some steady income coming in for our own renovation coming up this year. Speaking of the renovation, I'll be blogging about that more frequently. I want to hear from everyone on my ideas!! Can't WAIT to get started. 

Currently applying for preschool waitlists...ugh. Didn't I do this already in SF? Yup...and I actually started getting calls for A & E's acceptance, but we left. Wah, wah. So...starting over, and preschools here are pretty similar to SF, in terms of waitlist. Oh well, maybe some luck will be sent our way! 

Come back soon! Hope your new year is off to a great start!!




{barn light electric} | blog feature

I hope you all are enjoying your week! If you haven't already heard of Barn Light Electric, you should check them out! They have some great vintage yet modern light fixtures. One of my newest "go-to" resources! Today I was featured on their blog. Check it out! :)

I hope you all enjoyed Halloween! Above is a cute picture taken of the kids this past weekend. Home Depot had a free kid workshop that involved a fire truck, police car, and care flight helicopter. Welcome to Texas! The kids LOVED it.

The kids were also models for a friend of mine who is a photographer in San Francisco! We squeezed in the shoot before our departure from SF. For any of you who need family photography in the bay area, you should check out Odessa's site! {Photo Designs by Odessa} She's an amazing photographer and has some fun Christmas cards you can custom order! Super cute. Amelia and Everett had a great time. Thanks Odessa!

Back Soon!