{introducing} | urban matters : a design firm

Drum roll please!! I'm super excited about this introduction. Introducing....Urban Matters Design Lab! A design firm who defines themselves as creative change agents, dedicated to improving the social fabric of cities. WHAT THEY DO : empower communities. WHY THEY DO IT : to build communities.


Meet: Stephanie Houston. Smarty pants, graphic designer, and an uber talented, in-training architect (currently sitting for exams) with a passion in life: building communities. This introduction is special not only because she is my talented twin sister, but because since we were kids, she's aspired to making a change in our world, and she's doing it, in San Francisco. Founder and creative director of Urban Matters Design Lab and Nomad Gardens, Stephanie brings passion to an entirely new level. She truly is an inspiration. Those looking for a designer or looking to be a part Nomad Gardens via the garden, events, creatives or workshop, you should meet. I'm so proud of you sis. I knew you would do it some day. Here's to my biggest fan, dreaming big, and keeping passion alive. Keep rockin' it!

Alameda Antique Fair


I finally hit the Alameda Antique Fair today. I've been in the Bay Area for two years now, and well it's embarrassing to say that I have never been to this amazing place. A bit overwhelming... 900 vendors, but there's some great finds here!


My architect twin sister went with...check out the hilarious reindeer. Fortunately I don't have a place for them...it was tempting.


Check out this mink scarf with heads! DRAPER - Mad Men episode! Anyone remember?


Old Tie holder. I wish styling yourself was this easy!


Seahorse Treys in aqua and avocado! You know you found a good buy when you keep getting complements!


And last bu not least, a radio flyer for the twins. I couldn't resist. It needs a coat of wax...but looks vintage. :) I hope they like it and the annoying horn.