{Hotel Inspirations}: Ace

Working for a high profile hospitality firm was great exposure to unique and mouth dropping design, but it also helped me understand the importance of a brand and why hotel owners need it to survive. The newest hotel inspiring me is Ace Hotels. I love everything about this hotel's brand. Rustic, modern, kid-like yet refined in an artistic way. Thanks again to my former friends and colleagues Johnson/Soler, who introduced me to Ace Hotel, and posts here on how to bring Ace style into your home.

{I Heart DIY}: Lighting

Well, yet another day of perusing the web and once again a superb find. Thanks to my friends and former colleagues Steve Johnson, Sarah Soler, and Rebecca Otto, who formed Johnson/Soler, an Interior Design firm in Chicago, that creates some pretty great and unique spaces. So many talented friends I have. I'm loving the inspiration! Check out their blog. It's a great read and and excellent resource for new, budget friendly and DIY design ideas.

One DIY project that has my head spinning, this Chandelier by the talented lighting designer, Lindsey Adelman . So earthy, rustic...yet modern. So my style.

Thanks to THE BRICK HOUSE for sharing this wonderful post. The Brick House is a DIYer on sterroids...such an inspiration. I'll be checking out his blog daily. I hope to have photos up soon of my newest DIY project creating Lindsey's chandelier