{la petite magazine} | rbd helps style a modern kids photo shoot!

I hope you all are recovering from the overabundance of sweets consumed yesterday. My body is still asking me why I ate so much chocolate carmel. :] Speaking of sweets, I have some SWEET news. I'm super excited to announce I'm in La Petite MagazineSarah Wert of Modern Kids Photography asked that I help out with the day of styling for her La Petite Magazine shoot. The shoot actually took place in one of my client's home, which turned out to be a perfect setting.

Theme: feathers, tepees, and Indians, which happens to be the hottest trend right now. I loved the feather crowns, rustic yet playful. Sarah's images are featured on pages 59-70 of the magazine, and for all you DIYers out there, check out the headband tutorial from curlybirds.

Loving the grass headpiece? The straw head piece was made by yours truly. Hehe :] I'm sure the beautiful little girl had something to do with how well it turned out. Thanks Sarah for letting me be a part of such a fun day! You can check out more amazing photos on Sarah's blog; and if I haven't said it enough already, isn't Sarah AMAZING!?

Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!

{Behind the Scenes} | modern kids photoshoot

Head on over to Sarah's blog for behind the scene images and a fun video of the Modern Kids|Beatrix NY photoshoot, taken via my iphone! What a magical place. I love how the butterflies turned out on the tree stump. The stump came from Sarah's own home, and it's now in my possession. Thanks Sarah!

I had so much fun helping her source props and style the kids. I can't WAIT for our next project. Check out the fun cardboard trees in the video...yes, Sarah and I made them. Stay tuned for more trees in the sneak peeks she's posting.

Lastly, Sarah found an amazing tree stump slice at Michael's, that I definitely recommend using as new idea for art in the nursery or elsewhere in the home. ;] Sorry no link. Michael's doesn't have it for sale on their website, but here's a similar product. I thought a kid's sillouette on the trunk would be fun...something like the image below? Sarah had the idea of laser cutting a graphic...sounds dynamite! The stump slice was used to photograph Beatrix NY's super cute logo. I love it! So creative.

Happy Tuesday!!

{Happy Friday} : Halloween!

Sorry for not posting much this week. My in-laws are in town for Halloween. 13 month old twins + costumes = ridiculous cuteness. :] I've been waiting for a year for this Halloween. Last year Everett + Amelia were 6 weeks old, fun but not as fun as babies running around with huge costumes. Can't wait to share photos of our weekend of Halloween adventures. Here's a sneak peek. Hopefully Amelia will enjoy it a bit more. :]

Next up: Photo Shoot with Sarah for Beatrix New York, a company that creates cool, contemporary accessories for a new generation of kids & mums. I met with Sarah and Claire today to discuss the locations and props for the shoot. Super excited about the shoot since it involves little kids, cute products and nature inspired photography. Those of you with kids should definitely check Claire's website out. The lunch boxes, roller bags, backpacks and thermoses are so stinking cute and a must for this years gift from Santa. There are some new products coming out soon! All I can say is bears, whales, and robots. Can't wait to show you progress shots! You can check out Modern Kids Blog for updates. Stay tuned! And last but not least, Pinterest! Have you heard about Pinterest? If not, you should definitely check it out. It's a social network catalog. Perfect for you design savvys out there. So addicting, so be careful! :] Here's a snap shot of one of my boards "Things I Love".


Sarah Wert, owner of modern kids photography, (who happens to be our family photographer) introduced me to STABLE CAFE today. What a great place! The architect, Malcom Davis of Malcom Davis Architecture, did a wonderful job. I love his use of different materials and the patio to the right of the space was adorned with rustic wheel shaped tables and metal cafe chairs. The cafe was the perfect setting for our lunch today and our discussions on how to collaborate. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. My kind of place. It's now a go to place for visitors to SF. Thanks Sarah!

Photo Gallery

I finally got around to hanging up the photo gallery that our wonderful photographer, Sarah Wert of modern kids photography, shot for us.  She's amazing!  Check out her website and blog.  If you like anything kid or design, you'll enjoy it!

The architecture of our place is pretty traditional, so I went with simple frames from Room and Board to bring in our modern style.  Building a gallery is a little more difficult than hanging a single frame, but if you keep in mind some simple rules, creating one can be a blast!  Here's a few rule of thumbs to remember when building a gallery for your wall.

  1. Determine the subject for your gallery.  A successful gallery includes a "theme" of all things similar. For example: All photography, all art and or artifacts.  Also keep in mind that all frame styles should be similar in style, and if you want to modernize a traditional frame, play with how it's matted.  An oversize or off-center mat adds a modern touch! 
  2. Determine size of frames.  For a more clean look, use the same size frame, and similar size images. If your images aren't similar in size, play with the mat size. For a more random look, make sure you have a balance of similar size frames. Meaning a few large, a few medium and a few small.
  3. Always think in threes.
  4. Play around with your frames on the floor before putting holes in your wall.  You'll be amazed at how well this works.
  5. The center of the gallery needs to be hung at 5'-6" above the floor (unless you have extraordinarily high ceilings).  I promise it will look too high!
  6. Keep chair rail heights and furniture in mind when choosing your gallery location. 
  7. Galleries are generally good for areas wear perusing can be done. :)
  8. When hanging your gallery, start with the center of the gallery and work outwards.  This assures the gallery is centered in the area you have chosen!
  9. A good rule of thumb when determining spacing between frames is consistency.  I use 2"-4" inches as a rule of thumb.  Areas where you have the room to distance the frames farther apart, use 3-4"inch spacing, areas that are tight use 2" inch spacing.
  10. Measure twice, hammer once. :)  Use steel nails as they help with creating less holes in your wall. If you happen to hit something hard in the wall the steel nails do not bend and end up saving you time and frustration!

Don't be afraid to create a gallery!  It's seems overwhelming but hanging the frames actually goes by quickly once you have the first one up!