{Ikea} | please, take me there

A photo from the family's eventful IKEA shopping trip this weekend titled "please, take me there". Hehe, my clever husband. As you all know, at the end of any Ikea trip, we all want to go home. The day started later than usual and ended with Everett passing out, head down in the shopping cart. No fussing, just passed out head down. Too bad we didn't get a photo. What troopers. You can check out more photos of the eventful day here.

Need ideas on what gifts to buy your little mini's this year? Head on over to ModernKids and check out my posts for some great boy and girl gift ideas. There's even toys that look good if left out!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'll be back this week, featuring a best girl friend's nursery! Stay tuned! 


{Ikea} | can't get enough?

And you thought I was through with Ikea. :] Well, since I'm on the topic, I thought I'd continue posting since it keeps popping up! Check out what Mykea is doing with Ikea furniture! Another great way to bring your personal brand into your home. Can't find a design you like? Create your own design by becoming an artist and make a little money on the side! Designers, architects and those who love products, should also take a look at 3rings, a blog showcasing the newest architectural and design products. Many thanks to 3rings for their post!

{Ikea} | a love hate relationship

Ikea. We love the design and affordability, but hate giving credit to the big store when asked, "I love this! Where did you get it"? Why should we care though? Mixing Ikea pieces throughout a room can give you more room in your budget. Instead of spending $1000 on dresser, spend the money on a fantastic wallpaper installation, which instantly transforms and personalizes a room. More bang for your buck. In addition, it's a perfect solution for young families or parents-to-be who know all too well those little buggers are good at destroying things.

Bryan Patrick Flynn, of HGTV, has some great inspirational photos of how Ikea furnishings helped transform spaces on a budget in his Ikea Incognito post. Funny enough, the majority of his finds I've used in my own home or have specified on projects. Oh Ikea, what would we do without you. Thanks to Emily Henderson, winner of Design Star, for posting!

Also, check out the first issue of Rue magazine. My friend Crystal's home was featured on page 165 . Her place looks amazing. Check out all the Ikea furnishings.  There's even a sofa!