{Houzz} | Home Tour Feature

I'd like to thank my parents, sister and husband for... just kidding. ;) No really, it's not a huge deal, but kinda. ;) I'm jumping for joy over here! Super excited to be featured on HOUZZ today! Front page! If you haven't already seen it, you should check it out here. AND if you aren't scouring HOUZZ yet for interior or architecture design inspirations, well you should be. ;) It's a great place for resources and design ideas.

jump for joy.jpg

Photo via Pinterest via A Quirky Girl's Thoughts blog. Love anything Audrey H!

The project wouldn't have been so successful, had it not been for the uber talented Mason Miller and my design-savvy clients, Heather and Brad. Thanks again guys for such a fun project!

Told you I had some exciting news...and it doesn't stop here. Come back for more next week. Some more fun and exciting things are coming your way. :)