{Wedding Envy}:vintage inspired wedding

I thought I would post a wedding I was honored to attend because it will inspire you all. My friend, Odessa Shekar, who happens to be a fabulous architect and talented photographer, recently got married. I was so excited to attend the wedding, well because Kim and Odessa are such great people (ask anyone who knows them), but also because I knew the decor was going to be amazing. It was AMAZING, down to the tiniest detail, such as handmade flower pins for each guest, handmade invitations and handmade bridesmaid's clutch! I made my wedding invitations, but it was nothing in comparison to her hand-sewn invitations. I was blown away. Her centerpieces were so beautiful...vintage, fun, playful. If Jace and I were to get married all over again, I'd definitely bring in Odessa to help coordinate and collaborate. 

Pictures are temporarily down. I'll have them back up as soon as I get the OK! In the meantime, check out Jennifer Eileen's website for the beautiful photos!

Her photographer Jennifer Eileen, an AMAZING photographer (of course she had to have the best), did a fantastic job. Jennifer posted an entry of Odessa's special day. You should definitely check it out here. You can also check out Jennifer's portfolio. The wedding has now been officially added. I know Odessa's hard work will inspire someone! So fun.

Baby Shower worth Sharing

Three design savy girls, Liz, Solera and myself threw our great friend Katie a baby shower.  The baby's room decor includes aqua, midnight blue, grey, brown with punches of orange.  Katie also has chosen the Dwell Studio aqua and brown Owl pattern crib set. Our Katie loves sweets, so we went with a "Sweet Owl" theme.  It was amazing how well it turned out.  I was so impressed I'm sharing it with you all.  Take a look at the cuteness and details. It's amazing that we only met twice. :)  We are for hire!  If you are in the Bay Area, give us a call!! :)

The branch center piece was inspired by a centerpiece that was done for my baby shower.  What a project it was to put together, but I'll do it again and I'll be much faster this time. :)  Thanks to JAF - Joseph Andrade Floral, who put together the flower arrangement at the last minute!

The sweets bar.  How cute, huh?  Liz and I went to Joanne's fabric and found some great fabrics that reminded us of Katie, went with the overall theme, colors of her home and baby room.  We bought 1 yard of each fabric and cut them into strips and then laid them over the table.  Next time we'll rent another chocolate skirt for the table.  I think it turned out great considering we were in a mad rush to get it done before the star arrived.  Don't look too close at the fabric cut edges though! We are using the fabrics for a quilt for her new baby boy.  We can't wait to see how it turns out!

Another close up of the floral arrangement!  I just love how it turned out! 

Cupcakes brought by Liz's sister.  We had no idea they were coming!!

Liz's sister again...so stinking cute!

and...the shower hostesses and prego Katie.