{la petite magazine} | rbd helps style a modern kids photo shoot!

I hope you all are recovering from the overabundance of sweets consumed yesterday. My body is still asking me why I ate so much chocolate carmel. :] Speaking of sweets, I have some SWEET news. I'm super excited to announce I'm in La Petite MagazineSarah Wert of Modern Kids Photography asked that I help out with the day of styling for her La Petite Magazine shoot. The shoot actually took place in one of my client's home, which turned out to be a perfect setting.

Theme: feathers, tepees, and Indians, which happens to be the hottest trend right now. I loved the feather crowns, rustic yet playful. Sarah's images are featured on pages 59-70 of the magazine, and for all you DIYers out there, check out the headband tutorial from curlybirds.

Loving the grass headpiece? The straw head piece was made by yours truly. Hehe :] I'm sure the beautiful little girl had something to do with how well it turned out. Thanks Sarah for letting me be a part of such a fun day! You can check out more amazing photos on Sarah's blog; and if I haven't said it enough already, isn't Sarah AMAZING!?

Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!

{Behind the Scenes} | modern kids photoshoot

Head on over to Sarah's blog for behind the scene images and a fun video of the Modern Kids|Beatrix NY photoshoot, taken via my iphone! What a magical place. I love how the butterflies turned out on the tree stump. The stump came from Sarah's own home, and it's now in my possession. Thanks Sarah!

I had so much fun helping her source props and style the kids. I can't WAIT for our next project. Check out the fun cardboard trees in the video...yes, Sarah and I made them. Stay tuned for more trees in the sneak peeks she's posting.

Lastly, Sarah found an amazing tree stump slice at Michael's, that I definitely recommend using as new idea for art in the nursery or elsewhere in the home. ;] Sorry no link. Michael's doesn't have it for sale on their website, but here's a similar product. I thought a kid's sillouette on the trunk would be fun...something like the image below? Sarah had the idea of laser cutting a graphic...sounds dynamite! The stump slice was used to photograph Beatrix NY's super cute logo. I love it! So creative.

Happy Tuesday!!

{I Heart DIY}: Lighting

Well, yet another day of perusing the web and once again a superb find. Thanks to my friends and former colleagues Steve Johnson, Sarah Soler, and Rebecca Otto, who formed Johnson/Soler, an Interior Design firm in Chicago, that creates some pretty great and unique spaces. So many talented friends I have. I'm loving the inspiration! Check out their blog. It's a great read and and excellent resource for new, budget friendly and DIY design ideas.

One DIY project that has my head spinning, this Chandelier by the talented lighting designer, Lindsey Adelman . So earthy, rustic...yet modern. So my style.

Thanks to THE BRICK HOUSE for sharing this wonderful post. The Brick House is a DIYer on sterroids...such an inspiration. I'll be checking out his blog daily. I hope to have photos up soon of my newest DIY project creating Lindsey's chandelier

Baby Shower worth Sharing

Three design savy girls, Liz, Solera and myself threw our great friend Katie a baby shower.  The baby's room decor includes aqua, midnight blue, grey, brown with punches of orange.  Katie also has chosen the Dwell Studio aqua and brown Owl pattern crib set. Our Katie loves sweets, so we went with a "Sweet Owl" theme.  It was amazing how well it turned out.  I was so impressed I'm sharing it with you all.  Take a look at the cuteness and details. It's amazing that we only met twice. :)  We are for hire!  If you are in the Bay Area, give us a call!! :)

The branch center piece was inspired by a centerpiece that was done for my baby shower.  What a project it was to put together, but I'll do it again and I'll be much faster this time. :)  Thanks to JAF - Joseph Andrade Floral, who put together the flower arrangement at the last minute!

The sweets bar.  How cute, huh?  Liz and I went to Joanne's fabric and found some great fabrics that reminded us of Katie, went with the overall theme, colors of her home and baby room.  We bought 1 yard of each fabric and cut them into strips and then laid them over the table.  Next time we'll rent another chocolate skirt for the table.  I think it turned out great considering we were in a mad rush to get it done before the star arrived.  Don't look too close at the fabric cut edges though! We are using the fabrics for a quilt for her new baby boy.  We can't wait to see how it turns out!

Another close up of the floral arrangement!  I just love how it turned out! 

Cupcakes brought by Liz's sister.  We had no idea they were coming!!

Liz's sister again...so stinking cute!

and...the shower hostesses and prego Katie.