{new traditions} | renegade craft fair, austin

Image by Kate Sutton

I started a new tradition this year: Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale. Austin's first ever! With my mother-n-law in tow (thanks for going Jill!), we visited all the artists and met some new Austinites! Sarah of StudioSlomo (who will be designing my new letterpress business cards) such a nice gal, and Leah Duncan, one of my favorite artists for some time. I snagged the harry had a bad feeling print while I was there. I've always liked this print and my husband loves bears...so there you go. I'm now eyeing her aztec summer scarf, the mountains and miguel pillow covers, as well as my all time favorite moose tea towel. Too much Leah Duncan in my house? Nah! Maybe for Jace. ;)

I also learned how to make a quilt! A friend of mine mentioned that she wanted a baby quilt/blanket made since she never received one as a gift. So my mother-in-law offered to show me how to make one. The best part was spending time with my 87 year old grandmother, who is still working as a seamstress. She repeated about 10 times how excited she was to see that I was interested in her passion. We vowed to make something over the holidays every year. Hopefully I can keep it up! It's so rewarding, and knowing it makes my grandmother proud, makes it even more meaningful. Pictures below of the process and (almost) final product. What do you think?

Any new traditions started this year in your households? Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing and beautiful day! Back soon!




{home sweet home} | austin, tx

It has been awhile since I've visited my blog. As most everyone knows, we relocated to Austin, Texas. Wow, what a transition it was, but things are finally settling down, and we are finally in our new home! We decided to wait a year to do the major remodel, but negotiated an exterior paint job with the seller. In the meantime, we decided to do a bit of foundation repair. One side of the house had sunk 3", so we fixed this and replaced the concrete stairs with wooden ones. Much easier on falls with the kids, but also creates a much more grand appearance to the front doors. We lost our miniature palms, which means new landscaping needs, but we'll be waiting until spring to get started. It's killing me not to have it completed, but the drought Texas is having, limits our water usage, not an ideal situation for new plants!

Check out the new house color! I'm in LOVE with it. The door is green, and once the plants go in, as well as some pots, the door mat, and maybe a green swing, it won't stand out so much...but I'm really liking it. Thoughts? The treads of the stairs will be painted eventually to match the existing porch. Next year, we will have IPE on the deck! Can't wait! 

I am on the hunt for some modern exterior fixtures: light posts and sconces. Any thoughts, suggestions? We will also be getting a nice new fence. I want to bring in a modern element, but classic. Guess I need to hit Pinterest! :)

In case anyone is interested in the paint colors I used, I've listed them below!

Body: Benjamin Moore: Gargoyle 1546 - Finish: Matte

Trim: Benjamin Moore: Cloud Cover OC-25 - Finish: Eggshell

Windows/Screens & Non Front Doors: Benjamin Moore: Black Tar 2126-10 - Finish: Eggshell

Porch Ceiling: Benjamin Moore: Gossamer Blue 2123-40 - Finish: Eggshell

Front Door: Benjamin Moore: Basil Green 2029-10 - Finish: High-Gloss (soon to be a Hollandlac paint) via Fine Paints of Europe. Thanks Remodelista!