{Do you Rue?} | Issue 3 is LIVE!

It's official, my new favorite and go to magazine is Rue! If you are at all interested in design, this months issue [Issue 3] is a must see. Way to go Crystal, can't wait until you are here in SF! The girl and her team are rockin it! I'm in LOVE with the shopping cart pages, which I've included a screen shot of below. All my favorite colors!

Also, if you haven't heard of 20x200, which most of you probably have by now, you should definitely check it out. A new go to art source for all my client projects. Jen Bekman, the founder of 20x200, is the guest curator for RUE's issue this month and has picked out some great colorful prints ready to make an impact on anyone's wall. I LOVE every single one of them.

If you want a cowboy themed kids room, head on over to Modern Kids Blog for some great inspiration and resources! And if you are in the mood to shop, check out EmersonMade, my newest and favorite clothing line for 2011!

Happy Friday everyone! Happy decorating or getting inspired to decorate weekend!

{To Do} | Elle Decor's first-ever showhouse

Elle Decor's first-ever showhouse is open for viewing and the best news, it's here in SF!! I was so excited to attend a private viewing Wednesday night, thanks to AKDO. If you have yet to go, and you live in the bay area, it's a MUST see event. It's going on now through November 21st. 

Can you spot the Restoration Hardware pieces in the living room images below?. It was great to see a retail brand have presence at the showhouse. Their new design direction has my head spinning, in a good way. I've been loving everything they have to offer these days. Gary Spain, House Beautiful's top 20 designers to watch and also creative director at Restoration Hardware, was the living room designer for the showhouse.  His living room was spectacular, especially his use of paint, lighting placement and larger than life art selections. RH just opened the first-ever showroom in the SF Design center. This should change things up a bit. 

I was obsessed with the amount of lighting, oversized art/objects,and  the overall graphic play and texture incorporated into each of the spaces. A good project consists of all of these. :] It was also exciting to see that most light fixtures were selected from my favorite, go-to stores. Circa Lighting, Urban Electric Co., and Hinkley Lighting. And it's always fun to see products you've pinned away in your "things I love" file, displayed delicately or obnoxiously. :]  

Superbly done by all the designers. It was amazing how cohesive the entire house was, even though each designer was in charge of their designated rooms. I was delighted to spend a few minutes with Elizabeth Martin. She was so sweet and her bedroom design really spoke to my personal style, color selection and rustic embellishments. Thanks Beth for your time! You can check out all the designers at Elle Decor's meet the designer page here.

What a great evening. Thanks again AKDO, for the invitation! Your tile work was amazing! All photos courtesy of my iphone. :]

Oh, and just thumbed through the first issue of the Anthology Magazine. It's a gonna be a good one! I'm loving the paper they are using, as well as the way it's bound. It feels more like a book. Sarah and I headed over the Bay Bridge to the launch party at the West Elm in Emmeryville last night. Thanks again Sarah for the invite!

{Valencia Street}: Perusing

Today was a fun day. My husband, Jace, the kids and I, all set out after lunch to Valencia Street (the known street for vintage shopping and unique stores in San Francisco) to check out the The DWELL + Arkitip show at the Curiosity Shoppe. Dwell teamed up with another publication Arkitip, a magazine known for featuring work of professional and amateurs, to create a series of limited-edition prints by 10 amazing artists. Each print represents a story from a particular year in the magazine's history. I LOVE this idea.

Needless to say, I fell in LUST, LOVE with every single print, but this one, by Andrew Holden particularly struck me. I think I've admired his work before and have kept magazine articles from Wallpaper to some day frame. Funny how things always come back around.

Every time I visit the shop, it always gets me excited about art or a DIY project. Crocheting...don't really have time, but isn't this little fella cute? Jessica Polka of Wunderkammer has patterns for this little guy if you have any interest, along with some other great sea creatures. You can find the patterns here at her Etsy shop.

Oh how much things have changed since the kids were born, a year ago. It's funny how simple things like meandering down to Valencia Street become an oddity after having twins. We were so glad to find some new great places and meet new friends. Some of the new favorite shops: Aldea Ninos (just opened this Friday), as well as a new vintage shop Viracocha.  Thanks for the hospitality, Jon! Viracocah features some great artists and many unique vintage finds, including clothing. If you are in the area, you should definitely check Jon's place out at 998 Valencia Street (at 21st)!

Amazing Print Artist

I heart anything print. I love silk screening and I soon hope to start dabbling in a self-taught discipline. Check out Leah Duncan's beautiful work here. She was also interviewed by the lovely Evie.S Thanks Evie! It's a great read. Maybe she too will inspire you! The great thing is she lives in Austin! Oh how I miss Austin. Maybe I'll meet her someday.  I love this moose towel. Gonna get it along with a scarf, throw pillow and fabric. Love it Leah!

Photo Gallery

I finally got around to hanging up the photo gallery that our wonderful photographer, Sarah Wert of modern kids photography, shot for us.  She's amazing!  Check out her website and blog.  If you like anything kid or design, you'll enjoy it!

The architecture of our place is pretty traditional, so I went with simple frames from Room and Board to bring in our modern style.  Building a gallery is a little more difficult than hanging a single frame, but if you keep in mind some simple rules, creating one can be a blast!  Here's a few rule of thumbs to remember when building a gallery for your wall.

  1. Determine the subject for your gallery.  A successful gallery includes a "theme" of all things similar. For example: All photography, all art and or artifacts.  Also keep in mind that all frame styles should be similar in style, and if you want to modernize a traditional frame, play with how it's matted.  An oversize or off-center mat adds a modern touch! 
  2. Determine size of frames.  For a more clean look, use the same size frame, and similar size images. If your images aren't similar in size, play with the mat size. For a more random look, make sure you have a balance of similar size frames. Meaning a few large, a few medium and a few small.
  3. Always think in threes.
  4. Play around with your frames on the floor before putting holes in your wall.  You'll be amazed at how well this works.
  5. The center of the gallery needs to be hung at 5'-6" above the floor (unless you have extraordinarily high ceilings).  I promise it will look too high!
  6. Keep chair rail heights and furniture in mind when choosing your gallery location. 
  7. Galleries are generally good for areas wear perusing can be done. :)
  8. When hanging your gallery, start with the center of the gallery and work outwards.  This assures the gallery is centered in the area you have chosen!
  9. A good rule of thumb when determining spacing between frames is consistency.  I use 2"-4" inches as a rule of thumb.  Areas where you have the room to distance the frames farther apart, use 3-4"inch spacing, areas that are tight use 2" inch spacing.
  10. Measure twice, hammer once. :)  Use steel nails as they help with creating less holes in your wall. If you happen to hit something hard in the wall the steel nails do not bend and end up saving you time and frustration!

Don't be afraid to create a gallery!  It's seems overwhelming but hanging the frames actually goes by quickly once you have the first one up!