{barn light electric) | blog feature 2

Another blog feature from Barn Light Electric! These peeps are rocking it! ;) Notice my photo is now part of their gallery image. Yippee!! I was first featured in November for another SF project. Very kind words from BLE. Thanks guys!! I love their lights. I will definitely be using the in our home renovation this year!

Image by Odessa

How is everyone? It's been pretty busy here in Austin. I had a few contractual gigs for a few design firms before the holidays, attended some fun company parties, and also prepared for our "Texas Tour" over Christmas, which included shipping presents to 3 different locations. Santa Claus was busy in Texas! :)

Also in the works, a new part-time job! (More on this later!!). It will be good to have some steady income coming in for our own renovation coming up this year. Speaking of the renovation, I'll be blogging about that more frequently. I want to hear from everyone on my ideas!! Can't WAIT to get started. 

Currently applying for preschool waitlists...ugh. Didn't I do this already in SF? Yup...and I actually started getting calls for A & E's acceptance, but we left. Wah, wah. So...starting over, and preschools here are pretty similar to SF, in terms of waitlist. Oh well, maybe some luck will be sent our way! 

Come back soon! Hope your new year is off to a great start!!




{greypants} recycling architects | cardboard lights

I'm always excited when I find new products that are really inspiring. I couldn't NOT share this with you. It's too good not to! Introducing recycled cardboard lights. I'm in LOVE! Hum, what can I make with cardboard? These remind me of Frank Gehry's famous wiggle side chair. I think they are on to something. :) Great job Greypants! Looking forward to seeing more!

Greypants is a seattle based architecture firm that also makes sustainable products. To check out more about Greypants, go here. You must also check out this awesome video about their process. :) If you live in the bay area, you can see the lights in person at Starbelley Restaurant. Images above via the grog blog.

Thanks sis for sharing this link with me! I heart their name also!

Also, if you have a few minutes, check out my new portfolio pics! I'm super excited to finally add a few more projects.