SF--->AUS | the big move

Last month my husband was given an opportunity he/we couldn't pass up. Opportunity location---Austin, Texas. While San Francisco has provided us a great place to live, is the birthplace of our twins, and has been a great platform to build our careers, we have decided to head back home. It is a bit surreal, I actually thought we might be here forever, so a part of me is very sad, but the majority of me is so excited to be back home, closer to family and great friends.

Image: Courtesy of David Kozlowski's photostream via flickr found via Google Images

We've recently been asked what will we miss most about SF. Here are my top 5.

  1. Walkability Factor - bye,bye walking everywhere and hello car :( Back to my old workout routine.
  2. Weather - 110 temps! - hopefully it was just a bad summer
  3. Beauty - Austin is beautiful, but it's hard to beat the bay!
  4. Entrepreneurial Spirit - I've had the pleasure of meeting so many talented and motivated people.
  5. Friends - Our friends here were our family. We will miss you tons.

Please spread the word! I am heading to Austin and am for hire! In the meantime, we are in the midst of purchasing a home. Yes, that's right...we bought a house and still live in SF. Lets just say, it was meant to be. Take a look at the 102 year old beauty! Don't you LOVE the porch? Yes, that is a swing!


Needless to say, it has been a bit crazy: finishing up projects, flying back and forth to Austin, and managing two-year old twins! We just celebrated their 2nd birthday this past weekend. I'll post a few pics soon of their adorable party!

I hope to continue to inspire you all in Austin! Official Move Date: September 27th.



{Happy Friday} : Halloween!

Sorry for not posting much this week. My in-laws are in town for Halloween. 13 month old twins + costumes = ridiculous cuteness. :] I've been waiting for a year for this Halloween. Last year Everett + Amelia were 6 weeks old, fun but not as fun as babies running around with huge costumes. Can't wait to share photos of our weekend of Halloween adventures. Here's a sneak peek. Hopefully Amelia will enjoy it a bit more. :]

Next up: Photo Shoot with Sarah for Beatrix New York, a company that creates cool, contemporary accessories for a new generation of kids & mums. I met with Sarah and Claire today to discuss the locations and props for the shoot. Super excited about the shoot since it involves little kids, cute products and nature inspired photography. Those of you with kids should definitely check Claire's website out. The lunch boxes, roller bags, backpacks and thermoses are so stinking cute and a must for this years gift from Santa. There are some new products coming out soon! All I can say is bears, whales, and robots. Can't wait to show you progress shots! You can check out Modern Kids Blog for updates. Stay tuned! And last but not least, Pinterest! Have you heard about Pinterest? If not, you should definitely check it out. It's a social network catalog. Perfect for you design savvys out there. So addicting, so be careful! :] Here's a snap shot of one of my boards "Things I Love".