{Progress Report} | Mid-Century Rancher

Awhile back I posted some progress images of a fireplace concept for some new clients. I am embarrassed to just now be introducing. Although we are nearing the end of the project, I wanted to do a proper introduction, give some insight into the client’s style and show some fun before and progress photos.

Introducing Martin and Norma:

Martin, an environmental lawyer and Norma, who’s job is raising three boys, two young boys and Martin. :] Martin called me amidst our relocation back to San Francisco, interested in hiring an interior designer. The architectural drawings were drawn (hand drawn if you can believe it), but they were looking to hire an interior designer to help with finish selections, cabinet designs, redesign of the fireplace, as well as a slight redesign of the master bathroom layout, and all the other fun details. My initial interview I was sold on the project. Who wouldn’t want to design a midcentury rancher in Berkley Hills with two of the nicest people ever, who had a sense of style and a dream to be in DWELL magazine. Needless to say, we immediately formed a bond. Side Note: The interview occured the same morning as Endeavors Historic Flight over San Francisco's Golden Gate. I was able to view it first hand from Martin and Norma's panoramic backyard view of the bay. It was a a great wat to start off an interview! 



The project was a bit fast tracked. We started mid October 2012 and had the entire house designed by early December.  Construction began November 1st, 2012.

Martin and Norma were born and raised in and around Berkeley, CA. The home they purchased is located in Berkeley Hills (Kensington) and the backyard boasts of the view of the San Francisco Bay. You can see all three bridges from the backyard, an utterly breathtaking view. The below photo doesn't do the view justice.


Wants & Needs: To open up the house, downplay the awkward architectural elements, re-use as much flooring as possible, reuse building materials as much as possible, select eco friendly materials and provide a kid friendly yet classic, rustic modern environment to raise their family.

Martin’s and Norma’s style: Kid friendly, playful, rustic yet modern. Martin’s environmental background and Norma’s ranch life was well suited for natural organic finishes. Norma’s love for horses, due to her jockey father, grew up around horses, leather and the refined society of racing. I was bursting with excitement inside when Norma told me her love for horses. As most of you know, I too rode as a child and am a horse lover. To design a mid-century rancher home for another lover of horses has been a dream of mine. I was thrilled. I was yet again blessed with great clients. The family moved in roughly 3 weeks ago. Next steps: Finalizing Furnishings, Accessories and Styling! I am so excited to add Martin and Norma to our list of extended family members. You can check out more progress photos here, and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more daily progress project photos.

Things are finally getting a bit more organized in our world since our move back to SF, I can't believe it's been a year! Back soon with a few more project introductions! Stay tuned!!


{we are hiring!} | junior designer

I am excited to share that we are hiring! We are looking for a Junior Designer to join our team and help out with our on-going projects. You can find more information about the job description on our Contact Us page. If you are interested or know someone who is, please send all resumes to hello@reganbakerdesign.com. We are excited to hear from you!


Chicago | remodel progress - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone enjoyed reminiscing 2012's fondest memories as much as I did! Speaking of reminiscing, remember my Chicago project? Well my clients just moved in, but it's not quite photo ready, so I thought it would be fun to post some process and progress shots before final images are revealed.

Below is the image of the powder bath (photoshoped with selected finishes) next to one of the concept images we've labeled as: Modern Rustic, navy and white accents, with playful texture. Don't you love the Mira mirror? I've always liked the look alike, but this guy is so simple and commands as much attention as the beautiful freestanding tub. YUM! The kitchen concept images are also shown below. Concept: All white with the rustic accents. 

Chicago Remodel Process2.jpg

We did most of the designing via email, so Photoshop and InDesign as usual, were my best friend. Aren't you love the Ferm Living wallpaper? I'm not sure this is the exact paper that will be installed, but it looks amazing. I've always loved this paper.

Below are progress images! I can't wait to see the final finishes. Stay tuned for updates!

Chicago Remodel Process.jpg

I'm looking forward to this years adventure! So much to share over the next weeks. Best of luck in 2013!! Next up my current project progress shots. Stay tuned! 



{back at it} | life is good...great

Wow, I have so much to share and with the move(s), recent new office move, and my current crazy work load, it's been a bit hectic to find time to do much of anything. I keep storing ideas in my head that I want to share with you, but can't seem to find the time. I'll be online again more very soon with some exciting news, updates, and new portfolio images. Life is good...great.

Can't wait to share more! In the meantime, check out our fireplace design below for a new full house remodel project we are currently working on. Let's just say, I'm on cloud nine. My very first mid century ranch house remodel located in Berkeley Hills. I'm blessed with yet again awesome, fun, wonderful clients. Feels great to be back in the groove. Back soon, promise!

XOXO - Regan

SUL-LOPEZ RESIDENCE_Idea Board Fireplace Concepts.jpg