{life is too short} | our return to SF

I've been wanting to update you guys on so many things, but I've had to keep quite since my life has been in LIMBO. (Forewarning! Grab a cup of joe. You'll need a couple minutes to view this post!).


Photo Above by yours truly: Michael Hsu's New Office

TWO moths ago I was presented with an amazing opportunity to work for Michael Hsu's Office of Architecture, a very reputable design firm here in Austin. After submitting my resume in December requesting contract or full time work, I was contacted by Michael Hsu in May about an open position they were having trouble filling. Of course I was super flattered. Any designer in Austin dreams of working for Michael Hsu, and rightfully so. He's an amazing designer and an awesome boss. No ego…very rare. After my interview, I knew it was an excellent fit. The office fit my personality and professionalism to a T. So after a long discussion with my husband, family and friends, I decided to give this opportunity a try. Was I giving up a lot? Yes, but with a home remodel in the near future, any consistent money would be an added bonus. I decided having a nice place for my kids to grow up was more important than trying to jump start my career again in another city. Funny how priorities change with children.

After my decision to start with another company, project inquiries started coming in like the plague. OF COURSE, and continued. I even had to give up an HGTV opportunity on a new Austin based show with the Property Brothers. Did I make the right decision? Yes…staying the course.

I started May 16th. I had to notify all current clients that I would be taking a full-time job with an excellent company. Wow, what a tough thing to do after all these years of such hard work. What were people going to think? Surprisingly all were very happy for me, and thought it was an amazing opportunity. I owned the decision, especially after starting work. My life had a bit more structure, I had a set schedule and no more working at night. I started liking it. It was tough arriving home at 6pm every day, but I made the most of the mornings and evenings with my kids. Life was going great. I had a new design buddy, Allison Burke, (more about her later) who started with Michael Hsu three years ago, and I was LOVING our collaborative efforts. Wow, what a talented designer! I forgot how much I like being around people, not to mention uber talented people. I was inspired and challenged. Yes, awesome decision Regan. Well done.

BRAKES ON…return to reality. All was great except Jace's new job. Beyond the high stress and long hours, he ultimately was not passionate about his work. Wow, did this have a huge impact on our family. Who was this guy? Where did the guy I married go? He was non-existent. I wanted my husband back and the kids I'm sure wanted their daddy back, so conversations began about a move back to SF. WHAT?! REALLY?! I just started a great job, we just moved here and we finally bought our dream home in Austin. We were closer to family and our long time friends. So, was loosing all this worth moving back to SF. Yes, if I got my husband back and the kids got their daddy back, then yes. Not to mention, I could continue my business in SF. It was just starting to take off, but most importantly I would get to see my kids more. So our decision to move was finalized after many discussions, tears and questioning.

July 17th, Jace accepted a position back at Google. Was moving to Austin a bad move, bad decision? No, it was actually a stepping stone. We learned a lot about ourselves. We learned Austin was different than what we remembered 7 years ago without kids. We also learned that we both are curious individuals and are driven in uber creative environments. And most importantly we learned we needed to make decisions directly for our family and not our extended family. This feels so selfish saying, but I hope and pray my kids do the same thing. I only want a happy life for them. Jace also gained experience that he never would have if he would have stayed at Google. His new experience actually allowed him to get a job he was striving for, but could not get because of this missing piece.


Photo Above by Wonderkamera: Our soon to be old home.

Jace started at Google this Monday. We listed our house last Thursday and it sold in a day. Four offers in 24 hours. CRAZY. Guess it's meant to be as my Dad always states. The house is going into excellent hands. I presented my plans of the renovations to the new owners and they were super thankful. They are actually meeting with contractors this week to start getting temporary bids. I can't wait to see what the house will look like after the attic is finished out. You can view pictures of our finished house in my portfolio section. I think you'll agree it was special. :)

My apologies for such a long post, but I wanted everyone to know what was going on and the reason for our new decision to settle down in California. We are looking forward to settling down in San Francisco, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Regan Baker Design. Now with our hearts in SF, there's nothing holding us back. Looking forward to continuing to inspire you all.

HELLO old friend we are back!!! It's been too long. WE'VE MISSED YOU SAN FRANCISCO!!

XOXO, Regan