{pre-weekend fun} | new friends

Wow, it's been awhile and I just realized I had a post in draft form that was scheduled to post and did not. Oops! I'm posting it anyway because well, everyone needs to hear about some awesome new products out in the market and some new friends I've made. Because time is of essence, I'm keeping the post as was written a few weeks back. ;] Silly me...

I ended last week with a fun girly event with my friend Sarah Wymer of Studio SloMo. We sipped wine, mingled with other designer gals, and were able to really network with those with a similar passion. I was thrilled to be invited and made some new friends I wanted to share with you all.

First up Elizabeth Mollen, who recently started Stone Textile. I actually ran across Elizabeth's press release on an Austin blog awhile back and was thrilled with her products, so it was fun to bump into her unexpectedly. I head to her trunk show this week to see things first hand. Can't wait! Elizabeth has a very fun take on black and white neutral, and heavy textural textiles. Totally my style... I'm in love with the pillows below. 

stripped dip pillow.jpg

I also had the pleasure of meeting Johanna Adkins, who just started Comb Collective, a company offering leather, hand painted shoe strings. Genius if you ask me. ;) My espadrilles were given a laceover. See image below. It was love at first sight. What do you think? I love them!!

comb collective.jpg

I hope you had a great weekend and met some new friends as well!! Until next time!

XOXO, Regan