{blogger introductions} | weekend fun

Seriously, I am still in a ALT Summit comma! I've been extremely busy with work, preschool enrollment, and a fun couple of features that I can't wait to tell you about, and yet my mind is still consumed with my Alt excitement and my eagerness to introduce you to my new friends. Oh, and I think I've recruited 9 new attendees for next year. I'm not kidding. ;)  Again, who doesn't want to party like this?! 

winterwonderland sarahregan.jpg

Me + Sarah ;) Winter Wonderland Photo Both. Photo courtesty of Moss & Issac

mini party friends3.jpg

Me, Rebekah & Maggie - Photo courtesy of Smilebooth

rachael regan pinholepressreduced.jpg

Rebekah + Me @PinholePress | thegirlwithglasses mini party  - Photo courtesy of CaroleeBeckham Photography

So here they are...Drum Roll please! Just in time for some weekend fun. There were so many great people @Alt it's hard not to list them all, but a few gals I truly connected with instantaneously, a unique connection, like I've known them my entire life. And because I found them all so inspiring, I think you all should get to know them too. ;)


Brittany Sage: @2littlebirds - hair stylist, make up artist, fashionista & founder of lipstickandleopardprint, a blog about her life’s adventure, passion and inspiration. I absolutely adore her style. I only wish I could pull off her fashion sense. 

Cariann Burger: @cargoh - Founder, Creative Director & Idea Maker of Cargoh, a curatedmarketplace for artists & designers. This girl and I speak the same language. Fly fisherman-fly tying fathers, childhood target practice with a bow and arrow, and both are interior designers who love anything design related. She's awesome and so is her husband, Paul. ;) 

Christine Harmel: @christineharmel - founder and strategy consultant at The interactive Resource, Inc. Christine has lived all over the world, but currently resides in Austin. Yippee!

Diana Taylor: @mayjunejuly - A recent move from Barcelona, Spain to SF leaves her blogging about living in a new city, taking care of a new baby, and whatever it takes. Founder of mayjuneandjuly Super sad I just missed her

Erica Dublin: @seejanefly - founder & CEO of the travel blog: See Jane Fly and Director of Content Strategy for Federated Media. This girl has an amazing background. A country girl at heart, she and I share the same asthetic style, and we both love the smell of leather and horses. Both Equestrian riders as children, we both still dream of owning a horse one day. 

Hillary Schuster: @hillaryschu - Information designer, pop culture obsessed, scatterbrain, coffee drinker, nerd, recovering engineer, party planner, fashion lover, cat owner, wife and founder of hillaryschuster.com. This chic is smart and hilarious. 

Maggie Hannon: @maggiemight - Content producer for a cool techie company, founder of margaretedith.com, and just plain hilarious. Everyone needs a Maggie in their lives. 

Rebecca Miel: @quickbrownfox - Graphic designer for Burt's Bees and now founder of quickbrownfox, she combined her last name and husband's last name to create Miel. She is also due with twins in June. Fate brought us together. We were roommates at Alt!

And these guys I shared only a brief moment, but wish I would have had a few more days.

AlixBannon: Cuteanddelicious.com | a blog of vegan treats and crafty fun. So sweet and awesome glasses.

Camille Styles: Camillestyles.com | Creatve Parties::Inspired Entertaining. Shared a plane to Alt Summit.

CaitlinCreer: Caitlincreer.com | Interior Decorator - and a great one! Thanks for the Round Top introduction!

Emily Henderson: Winner of Design Star and now hosting her own HGTV show: Secrets from a Stylist. Love her personality, and of course I adore her style and approach to design.

James Roche: Owner and founder of BO.LT | former architect now tech entrepreneur. 

KaitKucy: yuppielove.org- marriage, crafternoons, and other stories.

Mara Kofoedablogaboutlove.com- Wife, want-to-be-Mother, New Yorker of 12 years, and Former Entrepreneur (Harvey Faircloth) Such a sweetie and always so elegantly stylish. 

Melissa: melissaesplin.com - I Still Love You. Had a great discussion about buying original art, and enjoyed sharing stories about our kids.

Morgan Shanahanthe818.com - writer, mom, consultant, designer, panicer, dinner ruiner, rinser and repeater. ;) She also liked my business card. That's my business card at the far left bottom. :)  

Mike Loveland: Mikeloveland.com We had a great chat waiting in line to be interviewed by Maxwell of Apartment Therapy. He runs Ollibird and just a super nice guy. Want to learn Photoshop, Indesign or Illustrator? Check out his site and his wife's site almaloveland.com. Amazing peeps.

Tara Wilson: Tarawilson.com - Event Designer and Entertaining Expert | Fort Worth, Texas. We need to have coffee soon!

Krista Jonas: Blue Eyed Yonder - vintage rental company out of Georgia. So glad we shared a taxi!

Tabithaglitterandganache.com - She writes a blog & works on a TV show called Parks & Recreation. She also has a great necklace with her name. Loved it!

Now you can see why my head is spinning. I met so many amazing and uber talented people, all doing what they love and successful. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Next week I have a very special introduction. Come back soon!