{Friday} Artist Crush | Richard Woods Studio

Yay! It's friday! I'm officially starting "Artist Crush Friday". I keep finding artists that I'm loving...so I thought it would be fitting to give everyone some art inspiration for the weekend!

If you haven't heard of Richard Woods Studio by now, well you are missing out. I first was introduced to him via Bravo's 9 by Design show (which I believe is being picked up by HGTV) featuring husband and wife design couple of Sixx Design (The Novogratz). I fell in LOVE with the "cartoon-like" wood facade he did for their residence shown in the photo below, and I recently ran across his work again on Studio Bon's blog found via Rue Magazine's latest issue! Thanks Rue!

I'm always drawn to cartoonish illustrations. Maybe it's because I come from a family of artists (grandmother, father, brother and twin sister) and I grew up drawing an watching everyone draw ALL THE TIME. I mean ALL THE TIME. My brother is also an awesome cartoon/illustration artists and designs video games for a living. Maybe another reason. :]

Woods's website (Top left image) is just as quirky as his art. What do you think? I LOVE it! It's nice to see an artist have the ability and vision to present his work on so many canvasses. I'd love to have a piece of his furniture for our kids room, and if I did own a home and could afford a complete overhauled design, I'd have him create magic on my facade just like The Novagratz allowed him to do. Images courtesy of Richard Woods Studio and Apartment Therapy!

Happy Friday!