{Amazing Clients} | Why do I love what I do?

WOW! This week has been a VERY busy week. Three client projects are in the midst of remodel mania, which means, a little bit of craziness in my world. Yet I'm smiling because each client is so happy with how things are progressing. I couldn't be happier.

Thanks to Wondersitter, an on-demand sitting service here in the city, I was able to keep my client's happy and also have my childcare covered due to an unexpected nanny with chicken pox. Juggling kids, childcare, and clients definitely has it's challenges, but I LOVE my job(s), especially when a client takes a minute out of their busy day to send you a thank you email, expressing how much they appreciates you! Not to mention, two overjoyed kids upon arriving home, handing out kisses as if you hadn't seen them in years. Life doesn't get much better. :]

I've included a couple photos from the new Wondersitter website. I LOVE the new design Rose, and thanks so much for finding me sitters this week! Isn't the girl adorable, and whomever's home this is, what an amazing space. Please call me. I'd love to style it! :]

You should also check out Modern Kid's blog for my nursery debut, as well as some fun Sarah's been having helping decorate a friend's nursery. Creating a color pallate with a photo. You've gotta check it out!

See you soon!

 P.S. I'm working on finding out who's responsible for the photos. If you know, please send a response!