{Behind the Scenes} | modern kids photoshoot

Head on over to Sarah's blog for behind the scene images and a fun video of the Modern Kids|Beatrix NY photoshoot, taken via my iphone! What a magical place. I love how the butterflies turned out on the tree stump. The stump came from Sarah's own home, and it's now in my possession. Thanks Sarah!

I had so much fun helping her source props and style the kids. I can't WAIT for our next project. Check out the fun cardboard trees in the video...yes, Sarah and I made them. Stay tuned for more trees in the sneak peeks she's posting.

Lastly, Sarah found an amazing tree stump slice at Michael's, that I definitely recommend using as new idea for art in the nursery or elsewhere in the home. ;] Sorry no link. Michael's doesn't have it for sale on their website, but here's a similar product. I thought a kid's sillouette on the trunk would be fun...something like the image below? Sarah had the idea of laser cutting a graphic...sounds dynamite! The stump slice was used to photograph Beatrix NY's super cute logo. I love it! So creative.

Happy Tuesday!!