{Busy Days} | finding time to blog

Sorry again for the delay! I've been busy with a ton of things that I soon hope to share with you! In the meantime, you should check out what's going on over at Modern Kids Photography. Fun stuff. I also just posted a few favorite girly gifts for those of you having trouble finding that perfect girl gift. I can't wait to get Amelia some of them. 

Also, you should definitely enter in the tablescape contest put on by Dwell Studio. Maybe you'll see something submitted by RBD? It's on my to do list, but I'm running short on time.

And last but not least, finally pictures from Halloween. Yes, I know sad, but they are so fun. You can check them out on Jace's flikr account. My husband's pretty talented isn't he? Dad...sorry it took so long.

Good luck with all the festivity preperations! Hope to be back before then!