{Valencia Street}: Perusing

Today was a fun day. My husband, Jace, the kids and I, all set out after lunch to Valencia Street (the known street for vintage shopping and unique stores in San Francisco) to check out the The DWELL + Arkitip show at the Curiosity Shoppe. Dwell teamed up with another publication Arkitip, a magazine known for featuring work of professional and amateurs, to create a series of limited-edition prints by 10 amazing artists. Each print represents a story from a particular year in the magazine's history. I LOVE this idea.

Needless to say, I fell in LUST, LOVE with every single print, but this one, by Andrew Holden particularly struck me. I think I've admired his work before and have kept magazine articles from Wallpaper to some day frame. Funny how things always come back around.

Every time I visit the shop, it always gets me excited about art or a DIY project. Crocheting...don't really have time, but isn't this little fella cute? Jessica Polka of Wunderkammer has patterns for this little guy if you have any interest, along with some other great sea creatures. You can find the patterns here at her Etsy shop.

Oh how much things have changed since the kids were born, a year ago. It's funny how simple things like meandering down to Valencia Street become an oddity after having twins. We were so glad to find some new great places and meet new friends. Some of the new favorite shops: Aldea Ninos (just opened this Friday), as well as a new vintage shop Viracocha.  Thanks for the hospitality, Jon! Viracocah features some great artists and many unique vintage finds, including clothing. If you are in the area, you should definitely check Jon's place out at 998 Valencia Street (at 21st)!