Hi! My name is Regan Baker.

I enjoy everything about design and I LOVE what I do. In the same day I can be a designer, decorator, graphic designer, stylist, and a fashionista. So much of what I do relates to so many design disciplines. A good cup of joe is always necessary to start a day, vintage shopping is a weakness, and talking to complete strangers always ends up in my favor.

After becoming a mother of twins over three years ago, my life has taken on a new priority. I hope to inspire and teach them that you can do what you love and to go after a passion in life. I laugh often, become friends with all my clients, and have a goal in life to be a nice person because I want the world to be a better place.

Having spent my first 7 years working for firms such as Gettys, Nelsen Partners and most recently, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, I began understanding my unique skillset was aplicable on a broader and more personal scale. I enjoy everything about design: architecture, graphics and of course, everything related to interior design; but most importantly, I enjoy building a relationship with my clients, while helping them create a uniquely warm, modern and inviting home that reflects their personal lifestyle. In 2007 I started Regan Baker Design fulfilling a dream of mine since I began my life long career path in 1997. If you live in the bay area or surrounding hills, I would love to help create a space with your personal style. If you aren't afraid to think outside the box, you've come to the right place. I look forward to meeting you some day and inspiring you all!